About us

Hello, everyone, this is Akash Kumar a Blogger and a website owner named surfbenz.com. I have a website on gadgets, which is of my perfect choice because my mom always tells me to have a website in which I have a keen interest. But Unfortunately, God has gifted me two moms, one who gave me birth and another who gave me this platform to have a website of my choice, named Corporate Infocom Private Limited [CIPL]. It’s not only me, but CIPL has also provided this opportunity of having a website to more than 2,00,000 bloggers in India. CIPL is also a Pro Partner of Go daddy. It is possible through only and only WordPress.com.

Our main aim is to provide all the information about tech and gadgets to our users all over the globe and make the world aware of new gadgets and technology. You can also visit us on Facebook and Instagram or you can give your feedback in our email id- akashkumaryadav63@gmail.com or can contact us on 8368158585.