Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans ??

AI (artificial intelligence), robots, technology, the human partner you can say them anything human alternative, etc… Artificial intelligence is changing the world day by day. New technologies are coming that will enhance the structure of the world in the future. All the work is going to depend on automation in the future. In the future, there will be more robots and fewer humans around us. The main question is Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans ??

It’s great that automation will give a better future, a better standard of living for our future generation but it is decreasing the human work which leads to a rise in the unemployment problem in the countries. Nowadays people are losing their jobs because of advancements in technology.

Yes it’s true AI can fulfill human needs bt it can’t be human beings because there is a huge difference between robots and humans because robots don’t have feelings and emotions like human beings.

Nowadays people are busy with their smartphones, laptops, etc. so they have no time to spend with their families and friends. Iknow that you people should aware of the latest technologies and should use technology but use it in a limit don’t allow them to take over you. Now the prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi also said that it’s better to know how to use technology but don’t allow technology to take control of lives. Understanding technology is important but technology should not overpower us.

Studies also say that teenagers who spent more time on smartphones and social media will face depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. So make better use of technology but don’t allow technology to use you.

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